"Dance of the Dead" is a stilt duet act. The music features a beautifully haunting intro which takes a surprisingly upbeat & energetic turn as they tell this ghostly love story in under a minute and a half.

Perfect for Halloween, or even an edgy take on a celebration of love such as a wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's Day.

Contact us today with your inquiry. We'd love to add some playful spookiness to your upcoming event!

COVID-19 UPDATE (as of 1.5.2021)

We are committed to finding a way to support arts & entertainment during this time. We've restructured our offerings to focus more on providing online video content, though we are also able to  accommodate safe performances at a social distance. Please feel free to inquire about booking a show for your socially-distanced or online event. We look forward to adding more personal atmosphere elements to our shows again in the future!

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